Past Presentation Experiences

When giving presentations in the past before an audience, I used to get nervous. I think I can say that I have gotten over the anxiety of presenting before an audience, which is good since I plan on being a teacher. The longest presentation I have delivered in the past have ranged from seven minutes to about ten minutes. One issue that I have now is deciding how much information is too much. I tend to worry that I will not have enough information to give a lengthy presentation that I end up having too much information. Outlining helps but trying to figure out which pieces of information are important can be difficult. When I go to the speaking center, hopefully they will be able to help me with that. I have also used powerpoints as a way of sharing additional information, as well as pictures and charts for visuals too, depending on the nature of my presentation topic.

One skill that I have found to be particularly helpful (that I picked up from Spanish) is to try to visualize how you will give your presentation, as well as trying to remember key words or phrases (my Spanish professor made us give our orals before the class so she could record them so she could listen to them later). I also have found that having a video recording of a practice presentation is helpful because you get to see exactly how you appear giving the presentation. Also you have the opportunity to fix any distracting habits before giving the actual presentation. I try to eliminate any possibly distractions before coming to class, which actually helps quite a bit. Anything that will bother me while giving a presentation, such as loose jewelery or hair that is not pulled back, I try to make sure is not a problem before hand by either not wearing the accessory or putting clips in my hair.


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3 Responses to Past Presentation Experiences

  1. jmilton says:

    I think your advice about eliminating distractions is very helpful. I also visualize my presentation, I envision myself giving a calm and focuses speech this has a very calming effect. As far as the amount of information you should include, try and tell a story with your information and make sure that the information you are including makes sense and adds to the story. Another thing that really helps is delivering you speech in front of friends or family. Then ask them to tell you what they learned so you can decide if your speech is delivering the information and message you want it to. – Jason Milton

  2. Jessica Reingold says:

    Your advice about trying to fix any distractions before coming to class, is really helpful! Because it is very true that the littlest things can bother you, I know they definitely bother me!

  3. dcarrol3 says:

    I also have problems sometimes deciding what to say in a presentation. I usually have too much information that I would like to say. Something I have found helpful is to highlight only the main points of your research. If it is still too long I look at the bare bones of those points I have already selected and it helps me cut it down to size.